We offer up to 6 fertilizer applications per year with no contracts. 

Each application is specifically formulated for Utah soil.

We offer insect control in turf areas.

In addition to fertilizer,

we use a 4-way herbicide weed controlling spray in our 

applications. To help maintain a healthy, weed free lawn.

We offer soil sterilization as well as turf/plant killer, this includes gravel driveways, vacant lots, and tree or stump killer.  

All of our applications

include a soil conditioner. This will breakdown clay content in your soil, allowing your lawn to obtain water and nutrients easier.

We offer Disease Control such as:

Fertilizer Burn

Urine Spots

Insects or Grubs

Lawn Fungus Necrotic Ring.



Lawn care best practices are essential to quality outcomes. Greenfield Lawn Care uses the highest quality products, and industry practices to enhance the life of your lawn. We utilize various diagnostic methods to ensure the right treatment for the right reasons.